Brain and Sensory Foundations Workshop With Sonia Story

Last week I took Zephyr on a two day intensive worskhop adventure to learn more about the amazing brain, the bodies reflexes, and how to learn more about how to get the body to talk to the brain properly so we can accomplish what we want on a daily basis and on a broader spectrum.

I learned (in as simple language as possible)  That the body is born with a set on infant reflexes that it is ment to grow out of that eventually turn into skills  When the body or brain experiences trauma, these reflexes can sometimes get buried or cease to progress on their normal development schedule and  the body can develop massive (or tiny) compensations for the presence of these infant reflexes.  This workshop was all about how to test for the presence of those infant reflexes, and if found, how to integrate them for the benefit of the body and brain.  We worked a lot with something called rhythmic movement training. (RMT)

This workshop was full of so many wonderful healing practices. Physical therapists, Occupational therapists, Vision Therapists, Brain Gym Instructors, Cranial Sacral therapists and A dentist. Oh, and Me . 🙂

Kyle's Mom is an OT and I was so honored that she came to the first day of the workshop with me and snuggled Z in our Rosie Ringsling

Z wasn't the only baby there. My sweet friend and Cranial therapist brought her wrappee as well. Babies playing in the back was a highlight 🙂

We went back and forth from learning lots of scientific knowledge, to playing integration exercises on the floor. I was most surprised at the compensations and effects of these unintegrated reflexes. they were wide ranging from add to depression.

Anthracite Hemp Indio Rocked day one of the workshop, totally allowing me afternoon freedom and closeness.

Lots of time in this workshop was spent on the floor practicing we were working on other people and practicing being a practitioner.

we were enthralled to watch Sonia test for the presence of unintegrated infant reflexes and then show us how to integrate them. It was sometimes magical the reaction people had.

Vision therapy was a new healing modality to me. This mama of 5 was a Vision Therapist doing wonderful things with children 🙂 I think is where she worked 🙂

Zephyr was a beloved attendee. this wonderful mama teaches Bran Gym here in Ann Arbor she was amazing!


April Indio Nap while I practiced the isometric integration excercizes with the group. It was awesome to be able to include Zephyr through babywearing. I would have missed this amazing workshop and getting all of this life changing information if I wasn't a wrappin' mama!

This Knowledge was captivating and life changing. I was reminded of the moment that we saw how severely Lion was affected by the Dairy protien Caesein. I see potential for a whole marginalized group of people (the medicated children with adhd most noticably) now to break through their seen limitations and activate their brains and awaken them to the uses that they were destined for!



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