Didymos Nebbia Naturally Dyed Linen Fish

Didymos Nebbia Naturally Dyed Linen Fish, I happen to think its my new favorite fishie (shhhh, don't tell latemeria)

This wrap has a beautiful blend of true black cotton and a bold yellow/green naturally dyed linen. It is a medium to lightweight fabric, and has been great with both zephyr and Judah in multilayer carries. I have a 7, so I haven't tried single layer carries yet. 🙂

Sleepy eyes 🙂 The Linen in this wrap makes it supportive but lightweight. It is Definately not "summerweight" though. I am looking forward to using it tons this fall 🙂

I know that this photo is overexposed, but I love it. We have been cuddling in this fish for hours in back and front carries, and I think it is supportive and just a bit grippy, but not hot, even though it's black . Expect to see more of it, especially since I discovered that I love 7's for the DRS2S carry. 🙂 I used it all of Ann Arbor Babywearers yesterday and It rocked! 🙂

Updating this post to say that we are loving Nebbia Fish for log naps as it gets cooler as well 🙂 It is cool, hip and comfy and soft. It is more and more like my goldfish everyday, but a little bit heavier. Heaven snuggled together. All My wraps and I can't stop reaching for this beauty! 🙂

Oh, and I found my camera.  It was missing through this weeks Ann Arbor Babywearers meeting, which as you can all imagine had me, ummmm. . . . . . . . Frustrated.  Yeah, thats the word.

Anyway it was another great meeting with tons of new moms and experienced moms.  I love our group!


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