Approaching the School Year

Today's home visit was all about helping a mama and her babe start the transition to going back to her work as a high school teacher in in a couple of weeks. These 2 sweet young ladies are her nannies. 🙂

Our main objective was to get little man to take a bottle. We used a Sleeping Baby Productions Ringsling.

We had some real success with a method placing the baby in the sling in a nursing type position. He was interested in the bottle after we gave him a bit to check out the new face he was looking up at. 🙂

Slight rocking or bouncing can calm babies nervous system and encourage them to calm their breathing and try the bottle.

It was at this moment that Little Man's Mama and I relaxed, and saw true nursing and bonding behavior between this pair. Hux reaching up like this to play with his nannies face was a wonderful sign that he was relaxed and happy.

He was full and thrilled by the end of it! 🙂

Mama watched this and told me she was so excited, and felt a bit less tension about returning to work soon.

Here is mama, playing with size 4 wraps, using Zephyr, while I played with the nannies and the bottle. 🙂 I swear Z is flashing me a cool baby gang sign. 😛

A babywaring service is a really great way to answer pressing questions the new wrapper might have like, "If I buy a 4, will I still be able to tie tibetan?" "Do I like textured wraps or smooth?" I bring over what ever the Family wants to try. 🙂 We had so much fun and success today. Thanks to all involved for sharing this special day with all of us!


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