Ann Arbor Babywearers September Begins!!

Today begins our friday regular meetings at The Indigo Forest.  I am excited to see if having 2 meetings per week will make our meetings smaller and more intimate. As they are now, everyone gets helped and makes friends, it’s just, BUSY!


But we love it!

This mama was new to us, but not new to wearing! She mastered tandem wearing pretty quickly!

Snuggle Snuggle in one of our library slings Donated by Sleeping Baby Productions.

6 months old in Panama Hopp.

Tussah Silk Nino Dyed Charcoal. Just in case you were looking at the wrap.

Learning to wrap before your little one arrives is an excellent idea. We have a weighted doll for practicing.

As well as stray real babies needing snuggles from willing mamas.

This awesome daddy wrapped both of his girls today and took a turn at trying a tandem!

Here he is with his 17 year old in Deep Sea Fish by Didymos

Then he put his 1 year old on in Love Girasol. 🙂 He was one Happy Daddy!

Monchichi wanted in on all of the tandem wearing going on that day 🙂 This is Big Sur Girasol.

Helpie Helperton!

Here is Zephyr, teething and miserable in erba hemp indio.

First time wrapping 🙂 Do you think they like it?

Trying out a tandem carry with the doll.

My sweet friend trying out my new Natural silk Nino dyed Red 🙂 LOVE!!!!

I know they aren't wearing, but aren't they beautiful?

Check out my Carseats are for Cars Bumper Sticker!!! I Loved seeing it on a Car!!

I took these awesome shots of Lauren in Hibiscus Rose Silk after the meeting.

This wrap is Dense, Thin, Bright and Beautiful.

I am looking forward to today’s meeting so much!  I am anxious to see who will show up.   Thanks to all who attend Ann Arbor Babywearers!  New parents, regulars, leaders, you make my week every week, and now, twice a week!


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