Beautiful Children, Close and Loved

Kyle has been super dad as I work harder lately on babywearing activism in our community.

When I turn on my camera and find pictures like this, it makes me happy.

These amazing big kiddos are super happy!!

Lion is loving school, can consistently write his name, and creates the most beautiful art., and makes up songs about everything. 🙂

These two beautiful wrap scraps creations are adding real joy to our lives! Her Bonnet is made from a Girasol Felice and is reversible. My friend in Canada sent it as a sweet surprise. My dear Her dress is made from an Inara's Rainbow exclusive Girasol, by my wonderful Mother In Law. 🙂

Iris (Jen) and Caitlin at Saturday's Ann Arbor Babywearers meeting.

Saturday is always a Family Affair 🙂 This one is Girasol Boy or Girl

Mama trying the same wrap

Exploring options for carrying a soon to be big sister 🙂

This is a Toddler-Petite Kinderpack, and two very happy ladies 🙂

BBSlen Strawberry Stripes Ringsling and a sweet fuzzy head!

Socializing and helping each other is what its all about 🙂

Easycare Ringsling By Sleeping Baby Productions. I think this lucky little one is 6 weeks. 🙂

Lachs Nino by Didymos

Zephyr snoozed in Dolcino Samos

I love watching them grow. Other peoples kids. I wish my own would stay little. 🙂

Happiness is a Snug Didymos.

Tandem snuggle in Erba Hemp Indio and Earthy rainbow Girasol ringsling over top.

Night Night Caitlin!


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