Weekend Teething Pain and Happy Anniversary to US!!!!

Have I mentioned I lived In Nebbia Fish all day Saturday?

We played I Spy a Babyewearer at Elephant Ears Childrens Boutique. Its a dangerously cute store.

Sunday Was our 6th wedding Anniversary, our 7th anniversary of being together.  I would just like to say, that I am more in love with my husband and children every day.  My goal for our next year of marriage is to figure out a way to spend more time together and possibly make a career together through having some sort of family business.  Kyle is a wonderful husband and father and I feel so lucky to be on his team!!!!

Nepomunk Linen Dragons by Didymos


Atlantic Nino by Didymos is Lion's legacy wrap to use with his children, but I reached for it for my teething zephyr today. It is soft and perfect for a baby any age or size 🙂


Even in his somber state he is delicious. 🙂

This is what teething pain looks like for zephyr. Clear mucus running out his nose, drool, and lots of mild complaining. Wearing has been essential. Zephyr likes to be so high up on my back that we are cheek to cheek 🙂

This shot shows off the wrap, Natibaby Turquoise-grey Swallows, beautifully. I just love the serene design on this wrap. It is also wide, smooth, almots to the point of being slippery, if it wasn't for the turquoise linen having a bit of texture.

When we are cheek to cheek like this, Zephyr whispers sweet little words and sounds in my ears and I kiss his yummy soft face. Wrapping is such a luxurious experience of a baby.




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