A Family Post


My big girl has gone back to her regularly scheduled Wrapping routine. Naps and Bedtime!! I feel so Lucky!

We did sears portraits this season for the first time ever, and it was wonderful! I had big babywearing plans, but it didn't work. This pic is sweet though right?

Here's a jumble of the success.

Petrol-Ecru Thick Fish by Didymos to snuggle my 2 1/2 year old to sleep. Wrapping is the like the punctuation in my day. Without it, the day is just unfinished.

Together is just the way to be these days for these 2.

Here is Zeph, on his 7 month birthday. Yes he is really just like this. Super happy all the time.

Just Incase you thought he couldn't get any cuter. Blue Silk Lilies by didymos then made into a ringsling by Sleeping Baby Productions

Pink Silk Pfau is probably the softest straight out of the box didy I have ever touched..

My big boy is a true comedian. His smile also makes me melt.


Hamming it up in Purple Weft Girasol Amitola

Another perfect bedtime in our One of a kind Red Pfau. As Judah grows up, these wrapped moments feel sweeter and sweeter.




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