Kerrytown Ann Arbor and the Farmers Market

I have been spending a lot of time in Kerrytown lately. It's not just the farmers market, but the changing seasons are pushing me out the door more often 🙂 This little courtyard in the center of the building is one of my favorite secret spots.

The Farmers market is the heart of our local food community and it's a great place to play, I spy a babywearer!

We ran into these sweet client/friends in Elephant Ears Baby Boutique wearing their Ergo.

I was totally Pfau-ified. Tights available at 🙂

My favorite part of any day, is helping the smallest babies get comfy with their parents in carriers. This mama and baby were so happy to be snuggled in their Moby Wrap comfortably, after a previously squishy experience. 🙂

Today is Saturday, A Farmers Market day, and I just can’t wait to get into Kerrytown and play “I Spy a Babywearer!”


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