The ABC Baby Products Show In Louisville, Kentucky, or How I got to the BCIA Annual Meeting and Sat Next to a Goddess for the second time

So, as the title implies, Zephyr and I have been on an adventure or 2 as of late.  In case you were wondering, Zephyr is awesome in an airport.  Smiling and happy as can be and everyone loves a happy baby.  This trip had 2 real purposes, to find out if there was an adjustable pouch sling on the market that I could get behind, and probably more importantly, to attend the Baby Carrier International Alliance meeting and see my classmate from babywearing school, Arie Brentnall-Compton of and the Canadian Babywearing School.  The trip went above and beyond my expectations.

Downtown Louisville, Kentucky was surprisingly fun and full of art and interest. Many people were complaining about the show's move from it's former Vegas location, but I was happy in Louisville, isn't this piece fun?

The Museum Hotel in downtown Louisville was beautiful and very hip and happening!

This room downstairs on the way to the bathroom looked like the biggest college dorm room ever. 🙂

This super sweet lady was one of our hosts at the Petunia Picklebottom/Ergo Mixer right after I got off of the airplane. As her hipness shows, she's the designer of the bags, and as my grin shows, I'm really happy that I won the bag on my shoulder in the drawing at the mixer. 🙂

Here we are with the awesome wrapping French-Canadian Mama behind Chimparoo Wraps and Carriers. She was wonderful and sweet and I can't wait to show off her new carriers when they come into Elephant Ears!

Because Z is a crawling crazy man, he wanted down in every booth in the afternoon. I just had to tell myself it was good for his immune system, but inside I was cringing. He didnt get sick though, and it's 2 weeks later, so maybe I did ok, right? At any rate, he was happy as usual 🙂

Here is Kristi, the Visionary who conceived of the BCIA, giving the welcome speech with her babe sleeping on her back 🙂

Neal is our liason with the CPSC, and he is a wonderful advocate for us in the government. I was so happy to meet him.

This is the newly elected board of the BCIA or Baby Carrier International Alliance. The Dapper man on the end is Daniel from Baba Sling in the UK. (see below)

The Baba Sling!! It's the adjustable pouch I've been looking for ever since the Kangaroo Korner became unavailable 🙂 We LIKE it VERY much and I can't wait to have my hands on one and show you how it works!

I talked a ton with everybody about Crying Prevention and the curriculum I have been developing for working with new parents.

Thanks Baba Sling for your generous donation to Closeathandbaby of this amazing realistic teaching doll. It is going to a doula training course tomorrow afternoon and I can't wait for them to use it.

They were a few kids short of their whole clan, but you get the general idea of the sweet family behind Wrapsody baby wraps.

They are so fun and I was so happy to get to know them better.

These hair scarves Wrapsody makes sometimes come in (achem) bold colors 🙂 Goof Baby alert!!

The morning that I flew out I had a beautiful inspiring breakfast with this Canadian Vixen and Kristi of Wrapsody. Developments to follow 🙂

Arie helped me to stay motivated to excel at my Lactation Consultant Certification Course this Month.  The coursework has been daunting, but I am certain I will be ready thanks to her motivation.

BCIA LOVE!!! Thanks for a great Annual Meeting Everyone!! I am looking forward to another year together forwarding the cause of safe babywearing all over the world!


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