International Babywearing Week 2011!!!!

This is how we celebrated International Babywearing Week here in Ann Arbor!!!!  This is my first year organizing events and next year I will do much better.  We had an event every day of the week last week and it was awesome!!!  Babywearing International sent each of their chapters an awesome package full of goodies (read:carriers 🙂 ) and our attendance at Ann Arbor Babywearers Grows weekly!

Our Monday event for International Babywearing Week was a Mall Walk at Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor. It was well attended and fun! We started at the playplace 🙂

I made everyone take a group pic before we set off 🙂 Sometimes I feel like a bit of a nerd 🙂

I think We looked AWESOME walking around the mall. 🙂

I ordered some IBW stickers from Cafe Press and we used them a ton at all of the events. Malawi Fish and a sleeping baby and the Babywearing International logo. Its too cute for me!

Tuesday we had our Regular Meeting,(see sidebar for link) but I added a twist of posting on Facebook that the ladies could Buy/Sell/Trade with each other, which is normally discouraged in abundance at the meeting for fear of distraction.  It is a Fun distraction though!

There were tons of pile of carriers of all kinds 🙂

We also had 2 new moms pregnant with twins!

Because we have so many VBE's and senior members and experienced mamas, everyone who comes for help to try carriers always finds it.


The Onya Baby finally came in at Elephant Ears and everyone else seems to love it as much as we do! This babe is 1 year old. sniff sniff, where does the time go!

Wednesday’s Event was Farmers Market Day.  We all went to set up a table at our local Farmers market and promote Babywearing and Babywearing Safety.

Everyone did an Amazing Job!

Here's a look at our table up-close. We gave stickers to lots of people and safety brochures 🙂

Stylish Babywearer Alert! This is a Petunia Picklebottom Special Edition Ergo

I love Ann ARbor Babywearers! Thank you so much to our Hard Working Voulnteer Babywearing Educators! (in an Onya baby carrier and and Easycare #1 ringsling by Sleeping Baby Productions)


We have such an awesome fun diverse group!!!! Thans for all of your hard work on the long day of farmers market day all!

Thursday was DIY day at Lindsay’s house.  DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself and Lindsay really can do it all!  I wasn’t able to attend, (I had to work 1 day this week right? ) But I hear Lindsay talked to people about making Ringslings, wraps and Mei-Tais.  Many of my favorite links for DIY can be found on

Friday was a Stash Party and Snack-Fest at my house!

Friday I hosted a get-together at my house to share my collection of Babywearing Art and Artifact as well as my carrier collection.

I tried to put everything out. I have over 60 brands of carriers in my collection. I should make a list, I know, but with what time??

Lindsay Brought the Box from Babywearing International! Thanks BWI!!! Geckos Mauvien 7, hubba hubba!!

Nati Linen Swallows


Vatani Valensole

Judah slept in my Toddler Bambaroo Wrap Conversion. Its awesome! Kiss to Millie!! 🙂

4 awesome purple wraps. By total accident. I just love purple!!! Geckos Mauvien, Zara Purple, Viola Ellipses and Latemeria Fish.

Barb was the first to try on the chocolate nougat silk ellipses. She is really an amazing wrapper.

They are really stunning in person. The mama, baby and wrap 🙂

Then , the ultimate surprise, for the woman who didnt get back to her computer to see who actually rsvp'd that they were coming to her event, my long time online friend Traurweiden from TBW!! Barb and I were so happy we giggled, and it really was a wonderful meeting. 🙂 Such a sweet mama!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support International Babywearing Week.  I know I was so thrilled and impressed by all the support and comments we got from our community and I suspect we will see increased attendance!  Happy IBW 2011!!!!!



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