Review Time!! Nino Heaven and Earth, and Oscha Nouveau Tiree. Two Tough Wraps!

I know, Why not post each review on it’s own you say?  I just have been so busy with new adventures in babywearing that the reviews are building up.  Ky;e and I are building a parenting center in our community as a place to center education about parenting infants and building confidence and connection in parenting skills.  We are giddy with excitement.

Ok First up, Heaven and Earth really is Heaven ON Earth!!

So, first lets clear the air, the colors in real life are beautiful. Nothing like the posted swatch or the first leaked pictures from the trade show indicated 🙂

Ok, I have to say, this is an amazing wrap. Nino Heaven and Earth was expected to be a hit here and I am not disappointed.
It is a dense smooth medium-heavy wrap that is not thick, but easy to manipulate, and sooooo supportive and beautiful in lots of carries with multiple children of all ages. I have a 4 and I would seriously Ruck my 4.5 year old if he would let me.  

It wraps and feels like p/e thin fish – – If that means something to you.    you would have to be a geek.  Scroll down if you are cool.

Wrong side first. This wrap ROCKS a torso carry. its nice and structured, no shoulder straps necessary!

this picture above is fairly true to color on my screen. It was a bad light day here 


Judah is long and I love my size 4 for single layer carries with her. She has to be wrapped in a supportive wrap to make it comfortable and I have been using this with her often. I would say its a new favorite.

It lays cushy and bouncy on the shoulders, like only 100% cotton does for me   It was wonderful for single layer carries with Judah.

and one of our favorite carries;…t=M4H04507.mp4

The blue and the brown are very saturated and suit each other.

Ok Next Up My Nouveau!!

It wraps really well to start. 🙂 I love the texture and the weight. it is going to be great going into fall and winter as it is on the heavier side.

As it breaks in its getting very moldable and easy to tighten. It has nice structure, but its not stiff.

And then the ultimate test. Lion asked to be wrapped and cuddle at bedtime and I grabbed nouveau and thought, "here goes!" It was awesome. 100% cotton with 50 lbs! This wrap falls into the toddler-worthy category.

He was having fun "being the baby again" and I cherished the moment. Nouveau was up to the task!

Thanks to my sweet client who made bringing our Nouveau into our life so much more fun!  Bringing babies closer is an amazing gift for the world!


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