Lactation Education Consultants Course in Chicago, the Culmination of Tons of Hard Work!

For months you have read references that I have been studying for a huge Lactation consultants course/exam.  If you know me in real life, you have seen the book I have been lugging around for months.  Well the course finally came and I was impressed!  Almost everyone in the room was an RN of some type (registered nurse)  The course was run by 3 amazing women who work together under the name Lactation Education Consultants.  I highly recommend this course if you are wanting to start your journey helping mothers breastfeed.

Ok, first surprise. I guess I'm used to the Babywearing community where we are such a small group, I was overwhelmed to see 60 people in my course.

It was a lecture series over 5 days with an exam at the end. It was intense, but effective. I really enjoyed the women in the course. I made some wonderful friends through the midwest and east coast mostly.

Twan came with me and endured the stigma of being assumed to be z's dad and my husband. It's just too easy to assume, and the truth is too complicated to explain. But lol, right?

There were a few mamas there from closer by who only got to go home and see their babies at lunch, so the LEC ladies had a pumping table set up 🙂

It was a party. 🙂

I met up with a high school friend and had dinner, since I was in my old neighborhood. 🙂 I know I should have been studying, but the course was so intense, I recommend one night off to those involved,

Our teachers were Fun and Funny! Thank you Jan Barger, Linda Kutner and Carole Peterson! You were energizing and inspiring! These ladies were often researching their talks and updating them with up to the minute information to keep their next-day's lecture current. They were so lively and interesting!

I was really happy on the way home knowing I passed. Thanks to everyone who helped support me through this adventure! Thank you to my husband and children for sacrificing their mama so she could learn to be a better educator, and Thank You Ann Arbor, the town that continues to nurture my feeling of having a place in this world to affect positive change. Hold your babies!!


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