Yummy Yummy Gonna Eat! Yeah!!!

Zephyr is growing up so fast!  in addition to crawling and babbling loudly, he is eating!!  Z is like a dust buster.  His pincher grasp is in full effect and into his mouth everything goes!

Who Me? Grow Up and Feed Myself? Never!!

Self feeding allows baby to go at his own pace, and prevents indigestion by not overstuffing baby with spoons full of too much food. Plus they develop fine motor skills and a sense of accomplishment.

Nom Nom!

Mushy foods like hummus or potatoes can be eaten by hand as well!

I am so into exploring the world with my mouth! Mom can feel that as the weather changes I might be getting my first cold.

8 months old and growing strong. Z brings us all so much joy, but probably his sister the most. She cannot get enough. Every time he smiles she melts!



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