Babywearing brings us back together.


The First day back form my lactation consultants course I wore my middle babe a ton!

Petrol Ecru Fish thick version is our beat-em-up stained-up go to big kid wrap! This or Latemeria Fish or the "Whurple Whishies :)"

If she wasn't sso attached to her fish, I'd be grabbing my Oscha Nouveau Tiree more often. I am loving it with all 3 of my children! Such a high quality new brand!

Cuddling in a ringsling is always good because big kids get up and down so much.

Being gone monday through friday was really hard on us girls. Babywearing has really given us the chance to hook up and stay close while I jump back into helping people and working on babywearing advocacy in our country/city/world.

I'm so grateful to babywearing for helping me to reconnect to my children after a long trip away. This is a Sleeping Baby Productions Ringsling made from and Easycare wrap.



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