Ann Arbor Babywearers, November fun. November? Woah.

Pictures galore and few words.  I just want to catch the blog up before my run of private visits this week!  Apparantly quite a few preemies were born around halloween and we have been going into quite a few homes lately.

The focus is always on helping each other.

Here is Helpie Helperton. 🙂 Lindsay and her beautiful twins 🙂

Robin's Hip Carry in Inka Storchenweige.

Toddler-Petite Kinderpack. I've rarely seen such a perfectly fitted carrier to a mom-baby dyad!!

These guys are a Fun and Funky Family. 🙂

This is a Catbird Baby Mei Tai. Reese is so happy these days!!

There is always an extra mama to give you a break at Ann Arbor Babywearers. 🙂

E & A's first Back Carry in Amitola Purple Weft.


I'd say wrapping was magic, except it's just a skill ANYONE can practice and learn! It just looks magic 🙂

Double cuddles!

Triple decker mama sandwich!

More happy twin cuddles. Twin moms dont always want to wear both babies at once. Sometimes all you need is to pop one on your back and then you have your hands free for the other one!

Case in Point why I LOVE wrapping. Does this mama look like she is going to get a sore back? 🙂 One of the ideas behind wrapping, is that you get as much support as the baby. 🙂

This beautiful loving mama is nursing in her wrap 🙂 (lime waves) this moment was so sweet I almost cried.

She is a proud mama of 5. 🙂

Did you ever notice that every place I Live/Work/Hangout has big posts in the middle of them?

Petrol fish and some awesome baby curls!

Every week people come to Ann Arbor Babywearers needing help with their moby wraps. They usually look like this at the end of the meeting.

Goofy Dudes.

Beautiful Ladies (and grover)

This mama is working extra hard picking up my slack while I focus on Elephant Ears. She is so awesome/talented/generous with her time!

Thank you so much dear, for your extra efforts as a leader of Ann Arbor Babywearers.

Cuddled close, nothing feels finer! This is a Sleeping Baby Productions ringsling. The Perfect shoulder style In my opinion.




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