Home Visits, a Closeathandbaby Favorite

These first time parents of a sweet preemie boy chose the ringsling as their carrier match. They were so sweet and wonderful helping each other practice till they both had it down 🙂

Perfection. Ringsling are so easy for positioning the really little preemies perfectly according to their tiny shape. It just molds right around their little tucked shape!

Later that same day I hopped over to Belleville and visited this sweet family with a 6 week old little girl who has been a bit fussy in the evenings, and none of the carriers they had were helping them any at that point.  I always hold my breath a bit as I drive to these babies and say a little word to the universe that they help me find a solution for their families.

First we got them comfy their Maya Wrap.

After a half an hour her shoulder began to ache and we practiced switching to the Moby Wrap.

Later that week she dropped by ann arbor babywearers and tried a woven wrap. The difference between this and her moby is the ability to tighten the wrap bit by bit, creating the custom fit around the baby that you see here. 🙂

I would say that Babywearing is now meeting their needs pretty well 🙂


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