The Oxygen Network Comes to Elephant Ears, With Focus on Adoption.

What a fun and exciting opportunity for our store!  To fill you in, A wonderful gal here in town is participating in a documentary about adoption.  They are following the story of her open adoption of her twins to another childless couple.  She is planning a homebirth at the adopting parents home.  Elephant Ears was blessed to be selected as a backdrop for these two amazing women to come and talk about their impending baby boy and girl.

I didnt get to snag a picture of the camera guys in the store but it was quite and ordeal shooting cutaways and shots of the store. I'm so excited at the thought that a shot of me wearing z on my back might make it in!!

After the store shot, we went over to one of the pregnant moms friends homes for a wonderful potluck and discussion about birth, home birth, and to ooo and ahh over the ultrasound pictures of the babies they had taken that day.

Here are the amazing mamas sharing their story. You can be sure I will link it when it airs!! Thank you ladies for including me in your beautiful life adventures!!!! I Hope Elephant Ears adding something fun and exciting to your amazing experiences. 🙂


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