Babywearing Training at Elephant Ears – I Love My Employees!

In Elephant Ears we are training our staff and ourselves on everything there is to know about the best use and safety of our products.  From the fibers in crib mattresses and baby clothing and where they come from and how they are produced, to using your car seat in a safe and optimal way as well as other baby holding devices like swings and rockers and crib and sleep safety.  Now that I am a Certified Lactation Specialist, I am also bringing in a lot more breastfeeding support and knowledge into our store.  What it amounts to is a TON of early morning training sessions (because of our awesome hours) with all kinds of amazing people on and off our staff.

Lets just say that EE staff had a blast learning about different carriers and trying them on.  Listening to me talk about Infant spine health and airway safety, probably not as much fun.  But it’s information I am so glad we are talking about and sharing with each other and our customers!  Now, as parents and parents-to-be come into Elephant Ears, they can have confidence that our employees are continuing their knowledge and learning about healthiest infant practices.


We were using dolls, because they are compliant on demand, and Zephyr is now so mobile, he is no longer my baby demo-doll. :sniff sniff:

Boba and Girasol

All of the carriers we carry offer perfect support for baby, but I really love how much support wrapping has to offer the baby-wearer.

Caroline was so comfy and happy with the Baby doll in the Boba that she worked that way for the rest of the morning. 🙂 It was so awesome.




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