Girl Cuddles in Wrapsody Wraps!


Most days it feels like Judah is saying no to everything and resisting me at every turn. But I see pictures like this on my camera and i am reminded of how Babywearing gives us these little moments of joy amongst the "terrible 2's"

Wrapsody Baby Wraps are one of my favorite brands out there!  I absolutely adore the Bali Stretch for Tiny newborns and 30+ lb judah alike!  They rock for tandem wearing and especially twins.

I have been becoming obsessed with wrapsody wraps. Their softness is amazing and they are supportive with judah and not bulky at all. BTW, they are beautiful!!!!!!

Judah is long, and I am loving wrapping her stringy self in our wrapsody every chance I get 🙂

This mama of twin girls came in to Ann Arbor Babywearers looking for something less saggy than they Moby Wrap that she had. We put her in a Wrapsody and they were 3 happy girls! Both babies were sleeping happily and alternately looking at mama. 🙂 This Beautiful colorway is called Brigid.



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