Ann Arbor Babywearers Meetings at the End of November – Beginning of December

Ann Arbor Babywearers meets all through the holidays.  fter all, its not like babies stop being born and needing help because we all have shopping to do . 🙂  For that I am super grateful, because Ann Arbor Babywearers is the highlight of my week!

Babywearing is fun for everybody involved 🙂

This is an Inara's rainbow girasol converted into a meitai

Didymos Moss 50% linen dyed by 23 west

Z in Violet Tri vintage indio

These guys are figuring out where babywearing fits into their life. Some babies are more particular than others. 🙂 You are doing awesome mama!

Most people come to Ann Arbor Babywearers for just this. One on one help with their needs and their carrier.

This is one of our library Olives and Applesauce Carriers. I love the infant seat in this carrier, and the versatility of the straps that can cross behind you or in a backpack style. 🙂

We made a new awesome friend last week from the detroit area. She fit in with us so well with her easycare #1 rainbow and sweet baby 🙂

Perfect fitting Toddler-petite Kinderpack

I scammed a sweet sleeping squishy baby. 😀 2 weeks old only! Im wearing an easycare cream block Sbp ringsling. (Sleeping Baby Productions)

We have been having busy full meetings lately 🙂

Just the right size meetings to help and support everybody in attendance.

I'm so proud of our group and what it does for our community.


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