Contagious Babywearing Passion. Twin Edition.

This wonderful amazing couple is so excited to show off their new skill they are perfecting for their impending twins. They brought their grandparents, and they were a real help to me after the meeting (by coincidence) demonstrating to other couples in the store. 🙂

Here they are at yesterday's meeting where they mastered the Wrapsody wrap with Lindsay, our twin mom Volunteer Babywearing Educator.

Elephant Ears is growing it's Carrier selection weekly at this point. I cant wait to have the Babywearing area fully stocked! Only a few more brands are set to arrive. Twins are one of my favorite things to prepare for! After their 2 sweet babes arrive, babywearing will help this mama feed 2 babies at once, and change one diaper with another happy twin on her back. The ways in which babywearing can help parents of multiples are endless.

I also had a follow up appointment with the wonderful couple adopting twins in the documentary filmed in Elephant ears earlier last month.  they mastered every carrier they wanted and together these two couples are the most excited parents-to-be of twins that I think I have ever worked with.  I cant wait to update you all with 4 tiny faces from these sweet sets of parents over the coming season.

Here’s to spreading the passion for closeness, all over the country!

2 thoughts on “Contagious Babywearing Passion. Twin Edition.

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