Happy New Year!! 2012, Look Out!! Babywearers are Taking Over!!

I would just like to start this year off by saying thank you to everyone in our lives who has helped us come this far.  The Morse’s seem to be approaching 2012 with the hope and promise of much success, and having finally met our major goal, working together as a family.  Ann Arbor Babywearers, having become a chapter of babywearing international this year, has grown beyond the point of my needing to always be there.  It is run by a wonderful group of women, and attended by over 100 families per month.

Here we are Partying for new years!!  Did you ever see so much happy babywearing in one room?  I think this year’s holiday meeting was one of the most fun meetings I have ever attended!

Kyle led the ringsling group yesterday. Among many other things. 🙂

We had at least 7 dads in attendance which was super awesome!!!

An orange Onya Baby, Wrapsody stella, and a nursin' mama. this cool scene is everywhere around Ann Arbor Babywearers.

didymos ginkos in a ruck tied tibetan

I tried to do a ringsling back carry demonstration, but this little guy wanted to look at me so much 🙂

We managed 🙂

Here he is with his mama in Deep Sea Fish by didymos in a front cross carry.

I was so excited to walk in yesterday and see such and enthusiastic turnout!

We had many requests to learn to tie a rebozo yesterday. This mama here is wearing Girasol exclusive Claudia Jean, and the mama in front of her is wearing Gira exclusive Lemmie in a Front Cross Carry. Videos for both can be found by clicking the link on the side of the blog to WRAPPING AND RINGSLING VIDEOS 🙂

I love ringslings. This one is a Maya wrap with the shoulder redone by Sleeping Baby Productions.

I love the overlapping pleats at the shoulder. They create a wonderful shape for the shoulder. Look at this sweet matching hat. Such a beautiful coincidence!

This little guy was so happy in every carrier today in every way.

He took a back nap on daddy in an Onya Baby, which was really wonderful for everybody. This carrier is a good fit for these 2 guys in a ton of ways, but the biggest advantage here is that he has so much room left to grow onto while still being comfortably able to look around etc.

Today was the day of the Chimparoo Mei Tai. It is fully adjustable in both length and height, and seen here on this petite 4 month old and her daddy, you can see it is a perfect fit for every baby, every time I've tried, so far 🙂

This little one is in a hip harness for dysplasia. I think this carrier is ideal for a baby like this because its very soft and flexible and easy to put on for both mom and dad.

Here's a look at some of the size adjustments on the Chimparoo Mei Tai. See how it takes the shape of the baby like a wrap or a ringsling?! I am very excited about this carrier's crossover ability into real properly positioned newborn use.

Eli the Ergo Babywearing Doll, laying in a sea of Soft Structured Buckle carriers.

Kyle wrapped up one of Lindsay's twins in purple Linen Dandilions by Natibaby. She is 15 months old in a Front Wrap Cross Carry.

Ann Arbor Babywearers is a great place tofind some help. While Kyle wore her big girl, Lindsay was able to meet the needs of her big boy and give another mama a break, and snag a cuddle with a sweet little baby all at the same time. Yay Babywearing!! This is a night rainbow wrap under an earthy rainbow girasol ringsling.

While we are on the subject of natibaby, 🙂 ,Gray-Pink Silk Pancy is here "visiting" from indiana and we have all fallen in love with it. Wrapping has the amazing ability to help a mama of young kids feel special and beautiful!

I have totally fallen in love with its soft shiny dense support.

Natibaby Turquoise Gray Linen Swallows. I love this geeky picture. 🙂

We had lots of really big kid wearing going on yesterday. This is Martin Didymos and a 5 year old sweetie. Onya Baby Carrier in the Background.

This is Girasol Geranium in front and Girasol Dark Rainbow Diamond Weave in the back.

Keeping your kiddos close in beautiful fabric. The ultimate past-time in my opinion. Look at these Super Moms!!!

yes, I am a total dork. It was such an amazing meeting that I asked everyone to stand up for a group shot. Bonus, I act like a child. 🙂

We have so much fun together.

Here's to a happy healthy fun and cuddle-filled new year!!!!


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