Everything’s coming up Roses!! A Wooly Oscha Review!

Wool.  Its a wonderful fiber,  rumored to be breathable in any weather,anti microbial and supportive and awesome,  but I’ve always been a tad wary of wrapping with it. Not for any really good reason mind you,  It takes a bit of gentle care is all, and sharing your wraps with Kyle isnt always a “Gentle” thing.   In any case, I’m finally reaching out and starting to try wool.  Lovely, thick, bouncy wool in this case.

This Is Cal. 🙂 His mama was sweet enough to let me borrow him at an Ann Arbor Babywearers meeting yesterday in order to try out my brand new Oscha from the new Winter Solstice Collection.

I tied this little chunky monkey really high and tight and Oscha Roses Noel showed off its grippy, thick, no-sag support!!!

We enjoyed 40 minutes of pain free no pressure point weightless cuddletime before I had to rush off to my own kidlets, but let me re-state, this wrap is awesome!!!!!!! The colors are rich and deep in real life, I am very pleased with this release. My obsession with wool wraps seems to be just starting. 🙂


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