Ann Arbor Babywearers Meetings are a Blast!

I taught a new carry this week, the ellevill JBC (jordans back carry) Look for a video coming soon!

It's an amazing, solid, wiggle-proof back carry. This Wrap is Caribe Linen Fish by Didymos.

Learning new carries alwaystakes practice and help. That why we meet so often! Everybody needs help all the time!

Didymos Black and White Ellipsen

Wrapsody Stella with a fun Matching Hair scarf.

Natibaby Blue Rivea

It's awesome when Kyle can come to Babywearers.

He's a wrappin' fool. I love my husband.

Laura got a beautiful Didymos Laura as a gift from a super sweet friend!

This is Natibaby cotton/silk/linen dandilions. It is so soft and heavenly, just like the sweet little one inside!

Pink-Gray Silk Pancy is still here visiting from Indiana and I am so in love with its shimmery beauty!!


Look at this beautiful mama, wrapped in silk 🙂

Pancy with silk wraps like a dream.

The last thing we did at Ann Arbor Babywearers last week was try the now beloved Onya Baby in its chair harness mode.

We all decided it looked secure and useful in a pinch 🙂 Reese also agreed. 🙂



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