Working + Blogging = Less Blogging, But Not Less Babywearing Love!!

A Few Photo Gems from the last few weeks, featuring Some Beautiful Parents, and Babies, and Baby Carriers 🙂

Wrap swing Pfau, With my Dear Big Girl!

Workin' in Elephant Ears in our awesome Zara Gradation by Turquoise Fields Designs 🙂

This Amazing Mama is wrapped in Didymos Labrynth.

Wearing your older child can really help give them a recharge of loving energy, especially if they lately had a little brother join their life 🙂

Earthy Rainbow Ringsling for a daddy nap, and he's got earbuds in his ears, multitasking, incase you notice the wire 🙂

Loving Vatainai Valansole!

Working together at Ann Arbor Babywearers meetings is an amazing way to master wrapping. Everybody has their own tips and tricks 🙂

Love the big girl cuddles!!

little sister too!!


Wearing your big kid and your little one is an often requested skill lately. We have been teaching it tons!

Working at Elephant Ears has been an amazing Challenge.  Building a base, on which to grow strong, is the main objective.  Taking Babywearing to the next level of visability, culturally, is the dream!!!










One thought on “Working + Blogging = Less Blogging, But Not Less Babywearing Love!!

  1. What carry is she doing in the first didymos labyrinth pic ? I like how it’s spread across her chest. As D gets bigger, it gets harder to find comfy carries that don’t dig into my shoulders or chest.

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