Teaching Babywearing in Elephant Ears

It has been such a wonderful experience building the babywearing center of my dreams within Elephant Ears.  Day by day I just love watching my customers and employees discover babywearing, no matter where they are on their parenting journey.

So much magic happens in Elephant Ears. Especially in the Babywearing section 🙂

This is a Sleeping Baby Productions Ringsling made from a Girasol #27. Baby is 2-4 weeks 🙂

So Happy at 16 months with the Scootababy hip carrier.

Striped RIngslings are perfect easy carriers for the first 3 months. Everyone is close and happy and together and it makes m so happy to see it!

Here is Judah helping me at Elephant ears while wearing her baby in her didymos doll wrap.

Happy Birthday to my dear April fools girl!

Here is another sweet girl with her baby in a Ergo Doll Carrier. Getting ready to be a big sister is a big deal!

At Elephant Ears we have lots of fun getting ready for baby's arrival!

38 weeks, wrapping her belly for support.

Boba love at almost 1 year

There are lots of educated staff on hand at EE, just waiting to help you feel confident about babywearing!

2 beautiful ladies, happy in a Scootababy carrier

2 weeks old. A perfect expression of joy.

I feel so lucky to be teaching in our store.  It’s just growing and getting better every day!


One thought on “Teaching Babywearing in Elephant Ears

  1. I haven’t popped by in probably close to a year, but they baby growing inside me reminded me of your site. And now I see you have a shop! How wonderful for you! Look forward to browsing through some old posts and getting up to date.
    I am hoping to buy my first woven soon for the new baby, I have my eye on a Girasol Northern Lights, it looks divine!

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