Home Visits For Parents of Multiples With Becca. Babywearing, Breastfeeding, Problem Solving, Logistics, and Loving Support.


Parents Who are blessed with multiples have special challenges.  They are exciting and fun challenges though, and Babywearing can be a big help when it comes to fighting off the post partum blues, breastfeeding, getting two babies to sleep at the same time, Feeding one while burping the other, and getting chores done around the house to name a few.  People call me for help with these things and I have answers.  Over time I have developed many techniques of working with multiple infants to help parents accomplish the goals that they have in mind.

This mama contacted me with goals of wearing 2 babies at once. She is a mama of triplets and a 3 year old girl and she was looking to be able to use her hands again around her house, while still meeting all of her children's needs.

We put on her a meitai on the back with a ringsling over the whole thing. This is one of my favorite combinations 🙂

Here she is in 2 Mei Tai Carriers. I put baby girl in a carrier on my front while we talked about the pro's and Con's of different carriers. She fell asleep, and for a moment, we had 3 sleeping triplets. This big sister was very noise sensitive and was thrilled with our accomplishment. 🙂 as was mama.

The Beautiful Twin Mama had her boys nursing happily one at a time, and many carriers that she wanted help with. 🙂 I demonstrated her Wrapsody Wrap, her Sakura Bloom Ringsling and Her Babyhawk mei tai for her while she nursed away.

We worked with much success on Tandem nursing. She was wanting to start spending less time overall nursing and she was thinking nursing 2 would bea great way to do that! We used a biological nurturing position and a few pillows on each side of her. Success in small minutes at this age, increasing her comfort by improving the latch and her ability to control the babies positioning. We were definately moving in the right direction.





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