The Amazing Things I See At Ann Arbor Babywearers/Babywearing International of Ann Arbor.

The experience of sharing babywearing in a peer to peer helping environment is amazing.  Watching parents help eachother, with unique, yet universal problems, in their own personal way, is really inspiring and wonderful to see.

Beautiful sling, mama, and baby , right?

This is our library TaylorMade mei tai, 🙂 and some happy ladies inside!!

Everybody needs help. Even Yours Truly. Thanks Dayna (in geckos negev by didymos)

4 months old in an Infant Adjustable Kinderpack with a mesh solerveil panel for keeping cool in the summer.

Everybody comes to learn. Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Expecting parents, Aunts, Uncles, and Caregivers.

KIds of all ages need babywearing for all kinds of reasons. Comfort, transportaion, safety, and Fun! Just to name a few! Green Wool Fish is great for big kid wrapping 🙂


I love this Proud nursing mama in Robins hip carry in a Zara Ocean by Ellevill


I love this carry!! (robins hip like the picture before) check it out in my wrap videos link on the sidebar 🙂 This is Natibaby orange linen Sweetplace.

Beautiful excecution of a Robins hip carry, in a Jade Brown Dyed by sweet overseas mama. Perfect for these two awesome people! I love how this carry keeps the baby a bit out of the way but they are still right in front of you for easy monitoring 🙂

These two beautiful ladies got snuggled in nice and comfy in their Sakura Bloom Double Silk Ringsling

I think that they were really truly happy and at peace in there.

Sweet 2 week old heaven in a Sleeping Baby Productions Ringsling in single layer linen.

Boba carrier for a Nap, 7 months old, yummy fingers 🙂

Beautiful Mama, and 16 month old boy-girl twins in their wrap converted mei tai with hybrid straps.

Perfection in a Moby Wrap at 3 weeks old.

Chatting hands free without chasing anyone around 🙂 It's amazing when you think about it.

Cotton Striped Katja by Didymos

Snuggling under 2 months old in Sleeping Baby productions linen ringslings 🙂

By the end of Ann Arbor Babywearers we always have happy parents and sleeping babies. Everyone has always learned a little something from someone in attendance to help them along their parenting journey.












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