Babywearing With Becca and Attachment Parenting International, API Downriver/Detroit

Last week I had the honor of going down to talk a little bit about babywearing health and safety at API Downriver/Detroit.  It was so much fun to meet new mamas who are excited about babywearing and being close to their little ones!

We were at a wonderful location called The Guidance Center. It was an amazing facility!

Their leader was a beautiful sweet patient mama. She fell in love with a Scootababy, pretty much as soon as I arrived. 🙂

These mamas had all kinds of beautiful carriers, and tons of wonderful questions! This mama had an Easycare #1 Ringsling by Sleeping Baby Productions, and wanted to try it on her back. 🙂

We had wild success. These Mamas were so into trying new things! Ringsling Back Carry is actually the first video I made, with a little baby Judah and it was fun to teach it again 🙂

This beautiful mom-to be gravitated toward a ringsling. This one is Rastamama Girasol, my very favorite. Then we all started in on the ring sling love!

Ringslings are still awesome past the age of 1. So snuggly!!!

This mama had this beautiful Earthy Rainbow Sleeping Baby Productions ringsling, but wasn't happy with it when she walked in to the meeting. Tweaking how you use your ringsling ever so slightly, can change how you feel about it entirely. These 2 were in heaven after a few tips. Check out my video series on ringslings on the sidebar if yours is giving you trouble 🙂

Did I mention that I had such a great time with all of these smart interesting mamas? I can't wait to go back downriver and see them all again!

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