The Baba Sling – Its a Ringsling With a Buckle Instead of a Ring!!

I have finally got my hands on a new sling called The Baba Sling.   And let me tell you, it is pretty cool.  I’m not about to chuck out my ringslings as I really enjoy the on the fly adjustability of the rings on front.  However the Baba Sling is really great and totally useable in all of the proper positions and adjustable and safe.  It is perfect for someone who wants a very simple clean look and a fast hip or front carry, and doesn’t mind getting used to setting up their sling in advance and just like any carrier with a buckle, adjusting it between users.  I had a  wonderful time playing with it with my friends 4 week old baby and I found it fully adjustable and wonderful when used according to directions.  See the video links below for the little baby and how he looks in The Baba Sling.

Kyle and I  agree it is comfy. But for us, since we are dye hard ringslingers, its hard to get used to the adjustments being on the back. It is best used by setting it up before you put it on and put the baby in.  Check out the video below on how to adjust it and load the baby.

Here is the link to my new set of videos on how to adjust and use a baba sling with a 4 week old baby.  They are now found in the ringsling section of my videos.

and one on how to take the baby out!  It’s really fast and  easy!

Here is Zephyr, looking beautiful in this red sling from Daniel at The Baba Sling UK. Thank you Daniel!!!


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