Life is a Busy Beautiful Blur of Bellies and Babies

say that 3 times fast 🙂

Talking to this group of Childbirth educators from around the southeast MI area at The Center For The Childbearing Year was a highlight for me this spring.


They had so many wonderful questions and they were one of the most engaged audiences I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. The Center was kind enough to video me giving the talk, so look for Becca on you tube someday! I promise I’ll update the blog with a link.


When I g to give a talk, i usually put on quite a show. I have many real-feeling weighted demonstration dolls that help me show people how to use carriers properly, as well as demonstrate spine health and airway safety.  The green suitcase full of carriers has been my hallmark for years.

3 Beautiful Bellies at a beautiful summer outdoor Baby Shower.

This is my favorite baby shower activity, decorating onsies for the soon to arrive baby. 🙂

They always come out so fun!!

The celebrated mother-to-be (now mother proper) was showered with colorful elephant ears gifts of all sorts!


She was happy and glowing and having fun, celebrating and having fun with friends and family.

May of my wonderful Elephant Ears custumers are transitioning into parenthood beautifully and confidently and it is inspiring to see, every day.

Inspiring and beautiful, right? this is Girasol colorway #36

Babywearing can bring another element of beauty and confidence into parenting.  

Here is #36 again wrapped on another one of my amazing customers from Elephant Ears at Ann Arbor Babywearers, where the magic is nonstop.

Its here in the middle of these moms and dads that I feel at home. Look at this mama rocking a Traditional African Kanga!

Help and Support! Thats what it takes to learn to wrap, and thats what we have a ton of at Ann Arbor Babywearers! This is our Lending Library’s BB Slen Paprika.

Magic Squishy Sleep Face!!  (in Didymos Labyrinth)

Just to reassure everybody, our wrapping life is still as strong as ever. Here we are in Nebbia Fish by Didymos. We are all in love with Z’s beautiful hair.




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