Ann Arbor Babywearers, The Community Support Network For Babywearing Education


Our Local chapter of Babywearing International is an amazing and active sight to see!

It is so much fun to spend time, just one mom to another, helping each other, for free.

Click the link on the side of my blog for Ann Arbor Babywearers meeting places and times!!

This local midwife referred her client to Ann Arbor Babywearers and came along to learn.

The excited mama was nursing in her Moby Wrap in no time at all.

When he was done, we put him upright for a long happy snuggly nap.

This is a beautiful upright laid back nursing position. Ultimate comfort for mom and baby, preventing gas build up in baby, and allowing a natural relaxed position for Mom.

Then up on to mama’s back for a view of the world!


Dad’s are always there mastering the art of babywearing right along with us 🙂

Thank you so much to Susan of The for this amazing Green Zara with silk! We love it so much!!

Its thin, but it’s perfect still with Z!! After all, it’s hot these days!!

A happy nursing nap in Aqua Waves by Didymos

I ended the meeting with a photo session using one of the other leaders babies.  I used the photos to make an instructional sheet for our most often requested advanced back wrap carries.

Thanks to my Beautiful Demo Baby!!

1, 2,


just a taste of it 🙂  there are many steps 🙂

Thanks again to the volunteer babe for his cooperation! You have helped many others!



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