International Babywearing Conference 2012 Washington, DC!!

Kyle and I have been looking forward to representing Ann Arbor Babywearers / Babywearing International of Ann Arbor and Elephant Ears at the International Babywearing Conference for a long time.  We both were booked to teach wrapping and ringsling classes and we had so much fun and success!!!  We saw Our friends from all over the world, Canada, New York, Oslo, DC, Idaho, Texas, Delaware, and more!!  The research presentations from Dr. Henrik Norholt on the psychological effects of babywearing were a highlight.  Here are a few pics, of the 250 that I took.

Arrival at the Catholic University in DC was beautiful.

Kyle taught his ring sling class first thing in the morning on the first day to an enthusiastic class.

Then Wrapping from a man’s perspective to an enthusiastic group of guys!

Arie Brentnall -Compton from tThe Canadian Babywearing Institute can fill and command a class room like no other Babywearing Educator I know.

Bweautiful Babies were sleeping everywhere with their parents.

Kyle in Deep Sea Fish by Didymos in the back of the Babywearing Educators Roundtable.

A class given by Tina Hoffman of Didymos on weaving was a highlight of the conference for me.

Dr. Henrik Norholt is the research doctor for ergo baby. His talks on the psychological outcomes associated with baby carrying were wonderful.

We looked at amazing test weavings and learned all about fibers and the weaving process.

I met some of my long time online friends!!

I also spent time with my inspirational idols! The gals from Didymos and The Canadian Babywearing School.

These are all of the beautiful and amazing Volunteer Babywearing Educators for the chapters of Babywearing International that were in attendance. So Fun!

Ergo Baby was so generous and donated their whole line of carriers to each babywearing group that is a member of babywearing international

Here was our beloved haul for Babywearing International of Ann Arbor!

Traditional Babywearing with Canadian Babywearing School (Canadian First Nations under shirt for an Amauti)

A Welch Nursing and Carrying Shawl

After the traditional babywearing class, I nursed my own baby to sleep in a traditional Selandang from India during a wonderful Ringsling class taught by Jan of Sleeping Baby Productions.

We made so many wonderful new friends!

I learned all about traditional babywearing and childrearing in Japan and it was so fascinating 🙂

They use the Obi sash much like we use the wrap.

Saying goodbye at the closing was so sad for all of us. It was an amazing Conference!!

Kyle was gifted a Silver Linen Zara by our friends from Norway for being so helpful during their visit. He loved it so much!!

The very last thing that we did with this gift exchange was a little Beccawearing!!! It was so much fun to be worn is a super strong Mei tai!

The Best International Babywearing Conference Yet!!  Our industry grows, and our community grows and I feel so lucky to be a part of it.

Check out this article in the Washington Post Featuring the Conference, and The Morses!!

Thanks for following us on our journey to start a babywearing revolution!!


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