Ann Arbor Babywearers Going Strong!! It’s a Beautiful Sight to See.

Here are some Beautiful and Long awaited Updates!  I have been repairing my camera, and you should see me around much more here, but the babywearing action has not been slow, and I have a few snapshots to prove it 🙂

Teaching and Helping from parent to parent is the most wonderful thing to see in our community! These ladies are making a sling from a piece of cloth 2.7 meters long by tying a rebozo knot. Here is my video:

Every week Volunteer Babywearing Educators help people with all different kinds of carriers. The Ringsling is a popular carrier we see every week 🙂

Sweet Sweet Success is always in the air at Ann Arbor Babywearers.


Beautiful Back Nap in a Double Hammock Carry. The Wrap is a Didymos Holunder Aqua Indio. Peaceful happy babies are all around at every meeting!


Nebbia Linen Fish by Didymos and a happy mommy and 3 month old babe 🙂


Same Baby Girl as above, in a Wrapsody Aphrodite with her Daddy!

I Hope To See More Wonderful Families At Ann Arbor Babywearers – Babywearing International of Ann Arbor Having Success and Snuggles in Their Chosen Carrier!


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