Happy International Babywearing Week 2012!!!!

We had a wonderful Ann Arbor Babywearers Meeting yesterday.  So many people showed up to share their love of babywearing with each other and to celebrate the love of carrying babies close!

We had every kind of beautiful baby carrier in use today you could imagine.

3 moms of twins showed up today to wow us all. This new mama, and 2 of our experienced mamas to help her! She is wearing a moby wrap with a sleeping baby productions ringsling right over top. 🙂

Tiny faces!!!


I wish I could post a 360 shot of all of the wonderful interactions and happenings that were going on around me all the time through the meeting 🙂

This little guy was so happy to be joining his little brother up on mama!


Beautiful Wrapsody Brigid and a 7 week old peanut.


First Rucksack Carry in our Chimparoo Azure 🙂  it was a total success!!!


Beautiful 2 year old twins in a Wrap and a Kinderpack Carrier.

We all did a ton of playing with mei tai carriers yesterday. Lots of happy success in the room !!

In case you are wondering, this is what success looks like 🙂 Dolcino Mauritus.


International Babywearing Week had also come to Elephant Ears  by the time I got in to work:

Preparing for the arrival 🙂  by practicing with a doll in Elephant Ears beautiful Babywearing Center.

Miles and his mama hard at work.


Nothing makes me happier than to see a little baby walk through the store, right where it wants to be, and a mama looking like she is at peace with motherhood.



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