Hello! Elephant Ears, Public Speaking, Ann Arbor Babywearers and Family!

Hi Everyone! I don’t have very much time these days with Ann Arbor Babywearers and Elephant Ears so busy but I thought I’d post a few pictures just to keep everyone up to date.

Everyone is working extra hard at Elephant Ears to prepare for the coming holiday season and the influx of new products that we found at the ABC Baby Products Expo. All of my amazing employees are excited to be working and babywearing and helping parents!

My wonderful Judah is the most beautiful little mama ever these days.


Elephant Ears Diamond Wave Exclusive Heaven on Earth in now instock and it’s beautiful!!!

It is a beautiful half green and half blue design with a deep purple weft and earthy stripes to help beginners know where to adjust the wrap.  More in a Dedicated Post.

Here I am last weekend teaching at the Crittendon Hospital Baby Fair.


Here I am helping mamas try on carriers after my talk. 🙂

Ann Arbor Babywearers was full of beautiful parents and babies on tuesday. Here is a beautiful couple in a girasol #27 ringsling by Sleeping Baby Productions.

A Beautiful borrowed Babe in Ellevill Organica Olai


And Finally, One of our beautiful Volunteer Babywearing Educators in an Oscha Starry Night Juliet.





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