Hip Dysplasia Update – Full of Smiles and Progress!

I got a few wonderful updates from the family that I worked with last month, and a visit at Elephant Ears from them as a special treat!  This was their previous post:  https://closeathandbaby.wordpress.com/2014/11/26/bilateral-bilateral-hip-dysplasia-and-baby-wraps-a-recipe-for-faster-optimal-development/

Come see how things are progressing for this little sweetie with bilateral hip dysplasia.

Wrapping has really fit into life nicely for this wonderful family.

Wrapping has really fit into life nicely for this wonderful family.

Here is an excerpt from this mamas update to me:

Progress! Her doctor today told us that he has actually been a little puzzled with Eleanor’s case. He said he has days where he thinks she would benefit from a more invasive approach and he has other days where he feels that we are on the right path. He said since she has been a bit of a mystery to him (he is used to working with much newer and formable babies), he presented her case to one of his colleagues who specializes in only hips. The specialist said that he could not ask for a more perfect alignment and that our orthopedist would have to be extremely lucky to get a duplicate alignment after surgery and a cast.

So! We stay the course of the Pavlik harness and continue with 2 week appointments. We did learn that we would be going back downtown for an ultrasound next time around to prevent over exposure of radiation on such a small baby, but that’s minor in the grand scheme of making forward progress. I asked him today if he was still thinking 12 weeks of wear for the harness because we are currently six weeks in (half way!) or if he thought that maybe our time would be extended because of the slow progress. He seemed quite certain that at 12 weeks we would be moving from the Pavlik to a brace. We would start round the clock and to make sure it would do the job and then move to nights only.

Best part of the day? We’ve gotten permission that after 6 weeks of 24/7 wear, Eleanor has earned the right to be harness free for an hour a day. I see bath time and snuggles in our future! We showed him the picture of her sitting from yesterday and he seemed very impressed at our little over achiever. He told us as we were getting ready to leave that we should put that picture on the Children’s Hospital’s Facebook page because he thinks of her often and in his eyes she was the poster child for hip dysplasia.

Baby E is now sitting up!  In her harness!!

Sitting up and so proud!

Sitting up and so proud!

We will keep posted on baby e’s progress!


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