Mommycon Chicago & Project Babies A Babywearing Celebrity Who’s – Who.



Arie B-C of the Canadian Babywearing School and Heather H-F of the Babywearing Institute and I arrived at Mommycon chicago and we stopped in the vendor hall first to see all of our industry friends. It was Full of People having Fun!


Our first stop in the vendor hall was to drop off Heather for her gig working at the Tehkini Booth. This is Tehkini’s new pattern and color Mountain Delta. Stunning!!!!!!


Here is Me on the Left of the screen, Arie in the Middle and Heather on the right. The Tehkini Booth was Beautiful!


Our dear friend and co-educator Laura Brown from Ergo, who helped bring us all to mommycon for our evening project babies activity, a meeting focusing on babywearing educational development in the US. Joanna of the Center for Babywearing Studies in the middle and Arie on right.


Laura gave a wonderful talk on opportunities and pathways to becoming a babywearing educator professional. It was very well attended and she did an amazing job.


Jamie the Baby Guy NYC is the biggest celebrity at Mommycon. I feel lucky to know and love him. check out his amazing blog if you don’t already know it!


As we prepared for our evening project babies dinner meeting, we took a little break at a nice social table with Xza, the organizer of Mommycon on the left, and Arie, then Angilique Geehan of the Babywearing Institute and Babywearing International., and Joanna Mc Neily of NYC.

After Mommycon a group of Babywearing educators and activists met up across the street to start a conversation about formally organizing some way to register Babywearing educators and agree on some baseline standards to start working with that overlap in basic safety, so we can have a consistent safety message for the industry.  It was an inspiring meeting with friends coming in from Texas, Hawaii, California, Delaware, Edmonton, NYC, and More!


The Project Babies Initial Think tank, minus me 🙂    Angilique L, Laura B, Heather H-F, Alisa, Alex, Arie, Joanna, Stefanie, and Angilique G.

FullSizeRender (1)

The only one with me has my eyes closed! But Gibson’s Steakhouse in Chicago was out of this world amazing.





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