Ann Arbor Babywearers. Buckle Bonanza!

On Tuesdays, I never know what I am going to find going on at our local Babywearing Meeting.  A bunch of Newborn tiny babies, a group of people wanting to learn to put their baby on their back, whatever it is it seems to come in waves and last week was no different.  Presenting 3/17, the day everyone came to try on toddler buckle carriers!  We had a blast comparing Tula, Kinderpack, Action Baby Carriers, Obimama, scootababy and more!


Around 2 years old in a toddler tula carrier


About 19 months old in an obimama carrier, sweet as can be!


One of my all time favorite carriers for babies over 5 months old, the scootababy!!!!


And of course, the beauty of a wrap converted into a buckle carrier, and the sweet sweet loving closeness. 🙂


Wraps and ringslings are still a staple at every meeting, especially for the leaders, no matter what age baby we are carrying


Girasol amitola, a beautiful babe, and an amazing leader.


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