An Inspiring Detroit Twin Mama, a Light Twingo Review, and little Social Justice Commentary.


twin girls 9 months adjusted in a twingo baby carrier

This Mama has 5 children, the newest of which are these twin girls, born 3 months early. Here she is wearing the New and amazing Twingo, the newest addition to my teaching and lending library.



The Twingo carrier is color coded, and works with twins and close age babies, like mine were!!! Can you imagine all the trouble that I would have been saved by having this 5 years ago!!?!

Here I am tandem wearing a ton of different ways in this old post.

I see looking back how many moms were coming to my group to learn tandem wearing, and how I ended up focusing on that in my private practice these days.  Man I would have rocked a Twingo so many times a day, like this mama above did to vacuum!

Because of the twins being 3 months premature this mama encountered a lot of barriers to breastfeeding and bonding with her babies in their early days.  Wearing the babies brings them back together and reclaims some of that time together lost to the hospital stay.


The whole Family is really interested in using the carriers and participating with the Babies.


The Twingo was cool to the older siblings because they saw their mom use it all as one carrier for both babes, and then they broke it down and were both able to use it to put the twins on their backs while they went back to their business.   These baby girls are sweet natured and aren’t prone to long bouts of crying, so the carriers were mostly interesting to this family for their hands-free benefits.


babywearing in a mei tai style baby carrier

When working with twins, especially on a third visit, I often have the opportunity to grab a snuggle.



This mama is still healing from the trauma of the premature birth experience.  We discussed wrapping one twin on the front in her preferred single baby carrier,  The One Love Wrapsody Hybrid, for at least one hour a day and just singing and rocking and hugging and holding each other.  This creates some of the chemical reactions that take place during breast feeding which will hopefully help to speed up some of the emotional healing needed after a journey like this.

Ultimately I left totally inspired by this mama and her older children and their home that they have created.  I hope that this visit finally addressed how this family really wanted to use baby carriers.  I think I had gone in assuming the first and second time that the babies must be needing to be carried more or one must have hight needs, but the truth here is, that the Wearing in this case is mostly for the healing of the older members of the family, especially the mama, and that the babies are already doing optimal and amazing and are content and sleep regularly and don’t cry regularly for any reason.

It really was amazing to hear this mama’s birth story, and it reminded me that Systemic Racism is real ( ) , and that I want to change the public health system so that everyone has access to a baby carrier, because closeness is a powerful and healing  right, not just for the financially privileged.


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