Mommycon Chicago 2016 – Snuggybaby Love!

Mommycon is a really great way for any expecting parent to learn about the options out there for infant parenting, birth and feeding options.  I highly recommend to anyone, wether they are expecting their first, or third child, to seek out Mommycon when it comes close to you to make sure you are aware of all the options out there for you and your family!  The babywearing lounge is an especially wonderful collection of baby carriers that travels the country, has such an amazing variety and is staffed by experts there to help you explore and try on all the things out there.

Snuggybaby, an amazing midwest manufacturer of baby carriers and diapers and wet bags, was generous enough to bring me along to work with them in their both at Mommycon Chicago last weekend and I had so much fun with them helping people with their babies, making new friends, and seeing old ones!


There are so many wonderful educators and parents to ask questions of and learn from at Mommycon.  I loved being in the Snuggybaby booth, and seeing all the other parents connecting and learning from us and eachother, and having that “aha moment” when their baby carrier finally feels comfortable!

I’m looking forward to going back to Chicago for the WEAR conference in May to teach with my husband Kyle and see the Mommycon team again.

Check out he wear conference at this link below:




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