Michigan WIC Conference 2016 – Update on the Movement to Provide Baby Carriers to Improve Public Health

The Michigan WIC conference is the place I go to set up and make my services and research goals known to every county in the state. 

 When I am there I have a big poster board set up explaining how I want to study baby carriers as a public health intervention, and also the classes and trainings I have to offer.   I invite questions from and reach out to WIC employees and other Michigan Department of Health and Human Services officials.  

We try on carriers together, or chat, I listen to their stories from their offices and learn about their goals. We learn so much from each other about how we can help each other.  

I also always attend a few amazing talks there on counseling skills, cultural awareness, and other successful initiatives like mine and how they achieved success. It is an inspiring and uplifting place.

Shout out to the amazing washtenaw county wic staff who has supported me throughout this journey. I would never be as effective without your guidance and I absolutely credit the interest of 4 more Michigan counties in our baby carrier study to your support and guidance as well as our research partners Seffany Kerr and Stella Resko.

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