The BOND Conference in New York

In April I had the honor of attending the BOND Conference in Queens New York.  I was honored by sharing my apartment with my friends from Moby Wrap, and The Canadian Babywearing School.  We had a blast being in Manhattan and making our way through the subway every day and really experiencing NYC.

The conference was also a space for a bcia educators committee meeting that was peaceful and productive.  I love and respect these women so much!

Dr. Railene Phillips, and Dr. James McKenna, and Dr. Kirsten Moberg were some of my favorite presenters although almost every single speaker and every single speech was compelling and interesting.

We learned about the biological functions of oxytocin, as well as breast sleeping with Dr. James McKenna and since, as well as the importance of the golden hour after birth with Dr. Ralene Phillips. It fills in all of the other holes around baby wearing that are important and need to be filled in an order to have a complete view of the parents that I am working with and their children.

The conference was organized in such a fashion that made it very easy to learn without being distracted and it felt very peaceful and friendly. I especially enjoyed ending each day with a small group conversation processing the days presentations together. Including visits from the presenters themselves. Below is part of my small group and Dr. Ann Bigelow who was wonderful to talk to!

During this process I made new friends in the industry, and felt I really got to hear and take away other people’s interpretations through a sharing exercise with the information as well as taking away my own.

The BOND Boutique was set up in such a way to make shopping accessible but not distracting.  It was amazing and beautiful.

Thank you to Joanna Mcneily, and the Center for babywearing Studies and the BOND conference crew for an amazing conference that I will be sure to attend in the future.  I made so many new business connections and friends!


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