The Season of Traveling to Teach and Learn

It been hard to keep up with the blog lately, but I’ve been wanting to, and thinking of you all!!

To start off this post frenzy, I have for you a list of things that I have been doing that I should have blogged about, and will attempt to catch you up on!  Posts will follow as fast as I can put them up.  I’m so eager to share this journey with you all, and I am making this list to hold myself accountable.

1. The BOND conference in New York
2. The WEAR conference In Chicago
3. The Kangaroo Care Institute certification course

4.  My new teaching job at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor
5. The movement to provide babycarriers to improve public health (through WIC based initiatives)
6. My trip with Carry the Future team 11 to provide refugee support to the camps in Greece
7. The International Babywearing Conference in Atlanta

At least on this list, you can see that I have been busy doing the work of normalizing the practice of baby carrying and closeness, as well as keeping up with current research and methods.

Please share my posts with people you think may be interested, and I hope you enjoy the next few days of post catch ups!


Flash back photo to celebrate my recent birthday!  4 years ago lion let me wrap him on my birthday and it was the sweetest gift ever.


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