WEAR – A babywearing conference by Mommy-Con

WEAR conference in May was a babywearing centered conference hosted by mommy con in the middle of downtown Chicago that was a beautiful experience for our family.  Kyle spent some time in the nunamoochie booth with our amazing friends promoting this awesome brand and it was a highlight for us!

Together Ann Arbor Babywearers Washtenaw county Wic and myself all raised enough money to take advantage individually of the accessible educator package ticket and the ultimate educator packages that were offered in order to restock and expand the variety and currency of the carriers in lending learning and private consulting libraries. These higher ticket prices came with a full collection of baby carriers from a wide variety of brands and were worth much more than the price we paid. We were thrilled with the carriers we received and are extremely grateful to the manufacturers who donated their products.

This was an amazing feature offered at WEAR that specifically catered to unaffiliated babywearing groups and public health organizations that want to include baby carriers as a learning tool in their offices and meetings.

We also exhibited our collection of carriers from around the world and had fun speaking and teaching.

In addition Elephant Ears and Kyle and I were nominated for an award for being a special retail location service in the babywearing community which was a bitter sweet and lovely honor to the closing of our retail journey. We did not win, but we were honored to be nominated.

The selection of courses and the variety of experiences offered at WEAR conference were truly wonderful. We took and taught courses on the history of baby carriers, and learned about different wearing techniques and new brands, our WIC work, men in baby wearing and research going on around the country. As a first time event, I really can’t believe how wonderful it was and I’m eager for WEAR 2017!


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