A Picture Song of all of the Twin Baby Nursing/Babywearing Positions I Have Ever Seen

I wanted to collect and keep in a single post pictures of twins nursing and nursing while babywearing.  Everything I’ve ever seen work for anybody during my time working with twins and twin parents.  Check back for updates!  Twins are a special gift with tons of success to be found in the challenge of raising two babies at once!

The first position I have seen work very often is called the “laid back” position. It is great in bed with pillows for support or as shown here in a glider, using the arm rests for support and with the footrest up.
Gravity works for you as it holds the baby to you and the pulling is reduced because baby is no longer fighting gravity to hold their head up. Baby feeds more upright reducing gas intake, and head support is provided by the sides of moms arm. mom should be well supported and relaxed, able to fully enjoy nursing.
Little boy is cross cradled and little girl is in a bit of a football hold. this one is good with littler babies.
Babies 5 months and up can often sit up and nurse while facing mom, sometimes holding the breast themselves 🙂
In this picture a Ringsling is helping me burp and hold one baby securely while nursing the other. The Dutalier Cadenza glider really helps support all of this tandem nursing activity.
Here I am nursing one while wearing another in a Monte Grano Glider. My sling is an Elephant Ears exclusive Girasol.  I tucked the tail of the ringsling out of the way to reveal the baby and the nursing position , but the tail is great for coverage if you desire it.
Here I am using the sling for one baby, and getting her latched on while little boy waits for a minute.
Now baby boy joins in, and the sling allows you to relax and occasionally adjust a latch or a foot or grab a swig from a water bottle.
Here we are with a baby in a high rucksack carry on my back in a woven wrap. The scenario for this baby is, she just ate and now is thinking about falling asleep.  I put her on my back in a wrap and now I am hands free to feed and tend to her brother.
Say that the baby on your back got antsy and wouldnt let you sit there and nurse. you can step into a ringsling, spread it over the back over the babe, and load baby 2 on the front and you can nurse while walking around and swaying to soothe the baby on your back.
Make sure if you are going to use a pillow to nurse twins, or otherwise, that it brings the baby all the way up to your breast level, not forcing you to hunch over. I’m not a big fan of nursing pillows, but I am a big fan of variety. It can be nice to have at the begining to use as shown, when the babies are really little to do a double football hold. Babies have their feet pointing back toward the back of the chair, fully supported on the U shaped pillow. A nursing pillow like this Little Star or 2 regular bed pillows will really help with this. Most Moms of twins that I go to are not finding their pillow to be helpful for very long. I actually have taken 3 various pillows away at the mothers request this year on home visits because the mothers felt they were totally unused.  I think it really depends on who you are, how old your babies are and what body type you have 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Picture Song of all of the Twin Baby Nursing/Babywearing Positions I Have Ever Seen

  1. Hi Becca, I was in today with my 12 week old twins and my 6 1/2 year old daughter. I have a photo of me nursing my twins exactly like your second picture above. Let me know if you want to see it 🙂 Also, I was so excited about getting the My Breastfriend for twins…. I HATE IT!!!!!!! It is soooo big and combersome. It only stresses me out, I have given up on that thing. I would, however, like to learn how to tandom feed maybe using a wrap.

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