Rebecca Greene Morse

Rebecca Greene Morse, Ann Arbor’s Babywearing Lady and Crying Prevention Specialist!

The summer after the big kids turned 1 & 3 years old. We are a fishy loving family!

Hello!  My Name is Rebecca Morse and I am a mom of 3 beautiful children.  I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which is the location of The University of Michigan, and I love it here.  I have lived all over the country, traveled the world, and I ended up back here to raise my family.

I have a beautiful husband who is a wonderful father, Kyle, and we love babywearing, teaching babywearing and other forms of Crying Prevention, as well as attachment parenting our own children in a close and loving manner.  My husband and I both always dreamed of finding a life partner since we were young children, which we found out, not everyone in our generation was dreaming of.  It seemed like eternity to find each other, but in reality we found each other pretty young.

2 years after we got married we welcomed our first baby into our family and began our babywearing journey.

I had been attending a natural parenting support group every week of my pregnancy called “Mothering Arts” watching real moms and babysitting their kids, holding their babies while they showered. They gave me a glimpse of the reality, and I was prepared.

It was a good thing too.  because Lion was a tornado. Sent to take me to the brink of myself. He was born with no sucking reflex which caused him to be exclusively finger fed for 3 weeks. and of course worn and held all the time to keep up my supply, pump pump pump. this was followed by 2 years of sleeplessness. he never slept longer than a few hours, sometimes 45 mins. It drove us to insane creativity. 

This is the first time I ever wore my real baby. 10 days old. 

My family had no computer or television as per our values, so we mastered babywearing through our local moms at ann arbor babywearers (run by absoluteprincess and ericac at the time) as well as our local store “The Little Seedling” Translation: I didn’t even know about TBW!!!!! 

I got a job at The Little Seedling because I wouldn’t go away. I was sick of hanging out at home on the days that I had no parenting groups, lonely. SO I would go to the seedling and help new moms get their moby wraps on and baby hawks and the few gadgets we had back in those days.  I was hired by the time Lion was 5 months old and worked there through its transformation into the amazing beautiful place it is now. My boss made me get a gmail account to access my schedule and we bought a computer to facilitate fewer trips to the library. 
here is the beautiful seedling, in the background

Thanks very much to her for this and one other thing. The owner of the seedling read about the first session of the babywearing school in Utah and approached me about it.  I was the only non business owner there, and I was among many amazing mamas and I loved my experience at babywearing school.              The german instructors from Clau Wi, Petra and Nicole were an inspiration to me. They had answers to even the most elusive questions, and I use their amazing analogies and solutions all the time to work with parents and babies that need a bit of extra care. They introduced me to woven wrapping, its principles, and the basic anatomy and development of a babies spine. It revolutionized what I had been teaching people and gave me some really important lessons.

me at babywearing school with my idols, Arie, nicole and petra. 

If I was going to be a part of bringing babywearing into our mainstream culture here in the us, I was going to have to be Fluid and Persistent.

Fluid because at any moment I could be presented with better information that would be better for babies, and I needed to remember not to get my ego wrapped up in how I did things, and to be ready to accept new information over and over again on this journey.
The best example is legs out. I think everyone at that first session of the babywearing school was teaching legs in for newborns up till that session, and I don’t think I was the only one who had a hard time hearing that I had been doing things “non optimally”

Persistent. People will come to see the light. We can make it normal, we just need a multifaceted approach.  We needed to be screaming “free babywearing for all” from the top of the highest towers possible. I instantly saw that free babywearing fostered the environment needed to grow a private consulting business working with people in their homes.
example. reputation. My first year as a consultant I had maybe 1 client a month, maybe 10 total. not bad, but not a living to be sure.  however. that first year, ann arbor babywearers had tons of women come through, all of whom learned to wear, and then most likely said to a friend; “you should find this babywearing lady when you have a baby!” Within a year I went from one babywearing mama among many in Ann Arbor to “The Babywearing Lady” Its hard to become “The Babywearing Lady ” overnight, especially if you are only working with people who can afford to have you in their home or whose children have certain special needs. I had to be everywhere in everybody’s face. We used to meet in the middle of the mall. We were up in EVERYBODY’S face. it was difficult, but it really contributed to the normal feeling that new moms need to feel safe.
After a mall meeting we were a big walking poster.

people are starting to think it looks normal here, really, I swear, the looks and comments are still there, but now, so are the babywearing mamas.

I realized right away at babywearing school that I would never be able to be the teacher advocate I needed to be from that moment on while I was selling things in a store. Babywearing sometimes needed to be more individual than that, and my interests came alive at the thought of private consulting. Also I thought babywearing was too universally necessary for that, and I often thought about setting up a stand at our local busy farmers market promoting babywearing like eggs and vegetables. 
(todays home visit client was not quite 3 weeks  )

Babywearing School is where I learned about The  Boy did the girls at school laugh at me!!!!  everybody went around the table and introduced themselves and said their username and I had to ask, “what is TBW?” the shame!!  I came home and joined that month.  The is still a very valuable support network for me to keep up with other educators and parents who are working to promote Babywearing.  I Use it for Reference, Reviews on carriers, and to promote ann arbor babywearers endlessly.


2 thoughts on “Rebecca Greene Morse

  1. Yeah you are being creative in a easy travel form that people like dave and dotti will love and my mom and dad to have as their own

  2. Hello! I had the privilege to hear you speak in Flint last week and am looking for your contact information. I did not see it in the informational hand outs. Thank you for what you do!

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