An Inspiring Detroit Twin Mama, a Light Twingo Review, and little Social Justice Commentary.


twin girls 9 months adjusted in a twingo baby carrier

This Mama has 5 children, the newest of which are these twin girls, born 3 months early. Here she is wearing the New and amazing Twingo, the newest addition to my teaching and lending library.



The Twingo carrier is color coded, and works with twins and close age babies, like mine were!!! Can you imagine all the trouble that I would have been saved by having this 5 years ago!!?!

Here I am tandem wearing a ton of different ways in this old post.

I see looking back how many moms were coming to my group to learn tandem wearing, and how I ended up focusing on that in my private practice these days.  Man I would have rocked a Twingo so many times a day, like this mama above did to vacuum!

Because of the twins being 3 months premature this mama encountered a lot of barriers to breastfeeding and bonding with her babies in their early days.  Wearing the babies brings them back together and reclaims some of that time together lost to the hospital stay.


The whole Family is really interested in using the carriers and participating with the Babies.


The Twingo was cool to the older siblings because they saw their mom use it all as one carrier for both babes, and then they broke it down and were both able to use it to put the twins on their backs while they went back to their business.   These baby girls are sweet natured and aren’t prone to long bouts of crying, so the carriers were mostly interesting to this family for their hands-free benefits.


babywearing in a mei tai style baby carrier

When working with twins, especially on a third visit, I often have the opportunity to grab a snuggle.



This mama is still healing from the trauma of the premature birth experience.  We discussed wrapping one twin on the front in her preferred single baby carrier,  The One Love Wrapsody Hybrid, for at least one hour a day and just singing and rocking and hugging and holding each other.  This creates some of the chemical reactions that take place during breast feeding which will hopefully help to speed up some of the emotional healing needed after a journey like this.

Ultimately I left totally inspired by this mama and her older children and their home that they have created.  I hope that this visit finally addressed how this family really wanted to use baby carriers.  I think I had gone in assuming the first and second time that the babies must be needing to be carried more or one must have hight needs, but the truth here is, that the Wearing in this case is mostly for the healing of the older members of the family, especially the mama, and that the babies are already doing optimal and amazing and are content and sleep regularly and don’t cry regularly for any reason.

It really was amazing to hear this mama’s birth story, and it reminded me that Systemic Racism is real ( ) , and that I want to change the public health system so that everyone has access to a baby carrier, because closeness is a powerful and healing  right, not just for the financially privileged.


Baby Boy Fights, and Amazes Us All!


If you scroll back to the spring, you might recall a couple who’s baby boys arrived a bit earlier than expected.  Last we left them, one was home with his parents, and the other was living in the hospital.  Lets Check In Again!

Look at his sweet smile as he is cooed at by his loving grandma! He is growing stronger every day and as happy as any baby you will ever meet.


Mommy and Sons spend all day together with loving family and friends going to and from the University of Michigan Hospital. The Nursing Staff has been Really amazing on this journey, and all involved with this beautiful family send their Love and Thanks to Baby Boy’s Amazing Nurses!!!!!!

I’ll be back with Pictures of his brother in a day or 2!!!  They are quite a happy pair of boys, with the most amazing strong family I have ever had the pleasure to work with!

Look Who’s Home!!!

Thats Right!  Quick Update!!

Look who has been home for a few days now and came in with his beautiful family to see us at Elephant Ears!


Now that one brother is home from the NICU, these parents are focused on the three of them helping his twin brother pull all of his strength together and join him at home.

All of us involved in this journey, would just like to say, that Babywearing has been such a gift during the transition from hospital to home.

Please send all of the thoughts and comfort that you have to spare – to little baby twin brother, who is still to come home to his family.

My your healing be swift.


Sometimes in rising to meet a challenge, we find deeper love than ever before.

Each baby and parent combo is totally unique and special to me.  Each one is a challenge weather it be physically, logistically, or as in this story, emotionally.  Each family is a joy in my life that brings me a gift of experience so I can better serve the next one I encounter.  I think last week on this visit, my heart grew a little bit bigger.

This story is about beautiful twin boys, born early (around 26 weeks) who have been in the NICU, and the warrior parents by their side.

Lately I had the experience of working with a wonderful family who's babies were in the Brandon NICU Unit in University of Michigan Hospital. They called me up to help them master their wrapsody wrap with one of their babies, who is soon to be going home for the first time 🙂

For these parents of 2 preemies, the first taste of parenthood wasn't at all like they dreamed, and yet they have risen to meet their challenge with such grace. Mama is pumping here after a great session of breastfeeding, and daddy is topping big boy off with a bottle. As these little guys approached their 40 week gestational mark this guy was 7'9" this day.

Good Job to all! Mommy, Daddy and Brandon NICU Nurses and Doctors, look at those cheeks!!!! Mom and Dad were anxious to wrap. The both had purchased Wrapsody wraps before the birth and had attended Ann Arbor Babywearers in preparation to wrap their boys. On this day we could only wrap one baby, and our main goal was to take him over to visit his brother and to have some family time. Our other stated goal was to get both parents comfortable with their wraps and snuggling with their baby.

Mom went first, in Wrapsody Jandrea. We all agreed that she felt secure and relaxed in a front wrap cross carry, (as much as was possible) and the suggestion of daddy wanting to try was put off to later. I have noticed sometimes in my work with parents of preemies, that Babywearing can be a great way to help give the parents, often for the first time, the feeling and experience that they expected parenting to bring to them. A taste of having things be "normal" or as they expected, even for just a while.

As soon as we were done relishing in how awesome it felt to be wrapped up together, we took him to visit his brother. Mama said how nice it was to be able to hold both her babies as close as possible at the same time. It was a magic time as we all focused our energy and love on this little boy who needs our thoughts. Many nurses were following and watching us, they were all so loving and helpful.

Daddy finally convinced mommy that it was a good time to switch. Mom had a nice long talk into that isolette about how it was time to heal up really strong and come out to us, because mommy and daddy expected to have 2 babies to wrap, and he was so wanted and loved!!!

Daddy explaining to the nurses how the wrap feels and why he loves it. They were so interested, and more nurses were behind me watching.

We just popped his monitor down through the wrap and poked it out the bottom and wrapped over it. It worked really well 🙂

I brought them a ringsling as well, just to play with, and i gave them a little lesson and left it there for them to use, just in case they needed another tool in their belt.

Babywearing was a high point in these parents day, I think we all agreed on that before I left. Mama was right with both her boys, up close and I could tell that her spirits were lifted.

I am wishing with all of my heart, that everyone who reads this will send a thought out to this family.  This is their wish, that and to share the gift of babywearing with other parents that are on this type of  journey that might feel that it could help them.

Thank you so much to this  Mama and Daddy for sharing your family’s brave story with us.  Our goal was to show how beneficial babywearing can be in a NICU setting at the right moments.

I will update on this family as it is available.  But for now, Send your good thoughts and prayers.