Congratulations to the first United States graduating class of the Canadian Babywearing School!

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You can read below the original advertisement for the Infant Parenting Educators of Metro Detroit Babywearing Conference and the Instructors.


Please join us in Ann Arbor for a very special 3 day session with Internationally renowned Babywearing Educator and Owner of The Canadian Babywearing School –  Arie Bretnall-Compton.

    This course will cover Infant Development, Baby Carrier History, and Baby Carrier Use and Safety with Newborns through Preschoolers.  It is a very special opportunity that has a limited attendance availability and I am reaching out to you personally to invite you to be a part of this carefully crafted session with myself and some of the staff from Elephant Ears, along with other midwest educators, manufacturers, and infant specialists.
Details: This class will take place in Ann Arbor, MI, and we will try to make group babysitting available on the property with a low additional rate.  The class will run from 9:30 am to 4pm from Monday February 23rd through Wednesday the 25th and the cost will be  ONLY $250 per attendee and will include lunch.
With a focus on culture, history, effective adult education and how they impact our babywearing practices, our days will be a mix of workshop discussion, hands on practice and some professional situation personal exercises as well.  This custom workshop has been designed especially for YOU, with much time built in to meet the needs of all in attendance.
You can read about Arie below:
Arie Brentnall-Compton is a public speaker, writer and consultant focusing her energies on improving public health through breastfeeding and babywearing.  Through her Canadian Babywearing School, she has taught at workshops and conferences across North America and in the United Kingdom. 2015 sees her keynoting a conference in Australia as well as speaking at conferences in Belgium & England.
She is Vice-Chair of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance and has served on the BCIA Board since its inception in 2010.  Her experience in the babywearing industry spans more than 8 years; she has previously owned Canada’s largest online babywearing retail store, sat on other related boards and continues to accept consulting contracts within the industry.  
In addition to teaching Babywearing Educator’s workshops, Arie has taught her sessions to hundreds of health and community workers, with a goal of creating a babywearing and breastfeeding culture in Canada. 
Traditional Babywearing with Canadian Babywearing School (Canadian First Nations under shirt for an Amauti)

Traditional Babywearing with Canadian Babywearing School (Canadian First Nations under shirt for an Amauti)

In order to secure your spot, you will need to send in your course fee of $250 to the paypal addressbeccalionsmom@gmail.com  Or I can send you a formal paypal invoice at your request, just let me know your preference in a response to this email.
We have organized a facebook group to keep people currently updated as more events and opportunities for attendees develop, to help people share hotel rooms to make it affordable, to get to know each other, and build excitement.  Here is the link below.  Please request to join for updates, developments, and connecting with your future classmates:

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