Ann Arbor Babywearers, Spring Fun Together!

They grow so fast. 🙂 this is Julian by Didymos

Companionship is a wonderful reason to come to Ann Arbor Babywearers!

Happy guys in a Maya Tie Brand  Mei Tai

Teaching and Helping each other is a passion for some of us. 🙂  Everyone at Ann Arbor Babywearers is a teacher with something to offer, but the certified Volunteer Babywearing Educators are there especially to help with learning back carries.

Success is so awesome 🙂

5 Holunder-Aqua Indios by Didymos, worn 5 different ways 🙂 left to right, 5 years old in a re-enforced Rucksack carry, 9 months old in a ruck tied tibetan, 2 years old in a double hammock, 20 monthsish in a DRS2S, and another 20ish months little girl with a pony tail, in a double hammock tied at the side.

Renee is mastering all of her advanced skills and is doing an amazing job teaching others. She will soon be testing to become a VBE I think, making her an official group leader, though like many at our meetings, she has been helping and teaching for months.  Its a parents helping parents atmosphere.

Trying out our group Sleeping Baby productions ringsling with Kyle’s help.

BB Slen Paprika is beautiful on these ladies, right? They were just trying wrapping and I think they are in love.

Here is a typical post meeting packing up crazy moment. I spy and Onya Outback Carrier!  Its the most welcome new addition in our library.

And last but certainly not least, Miles, our beautiful Elephant Ears own Baby of the year. 🙂 Thanks to his mama for letting me wear him through a blissful lunch 🙂  We cant wait for him to come to work with his mama tons this summer!


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